After School Enrichment Programs

A special thanks to IPSF, Meadow Park is happy to partner to offer Afterschool Classroom Enrichment (ACE) on site. The ACE program is a high quality district-wide program that provides opportunities for students to participate in classes both fun and academic while staying in their school environment. These fee-based enrichment classes are coordinated by volunteers at each of the school sites and are taught by pre-approved professionals. Classes that have been offered include art, chess, languages, sports, technology, homework help, math, and science. Classes change frequently based on the needs of the students and what they are interested in. Please continue to offer suggestions of what you feel would benefit your child.

Art Programs

Upper Grade Art

Students in grades fourth through sixth receive a one-hour art lesson once every six weeks, which is provided by the district's skilled and talented art specialists. Lessons are based upon the Irvine Unified School District Art Matrix Plan and the California visual arts content standards. Listed in detail are areas of art education each student is to have learned grades 4 through 6. Sample lessons include contour drawing, negative space, visual awareness and paintings by the masters. A supplemental art program called FIBO is provided to students in first through third grade by our PTA.


Primary Art, Meet the Masters

The Meet the Masters art program brings master artists to life for children. The students attend and participate in a multi-media assembly that takes them on a virtual museum tour while learning not only about the works of art for each artist but also about his or her life history in an age appropriate way.

The students learn art vocabulary by visually seeing examples in the artists’ works.  Props, visuals, music, and games are all part of this fun assembly.  Next, in class or at home, they work on a quick review of vocabulary with a worksheet tailored for each artist.  This prepares them for their in classroom art project.  Finally, the much anticipated day arrives when our Meet the Master teacher pushes her art cart into each classroom for a directed and detailed art lesson using the techniques that our Master Artist used to create his/her work.

Each lesson has a variety of mediums that children get to discover and learn about. The students learn to follow directions, listen, and create, as the Meet the Master teacher continues to talk about the master artist and art vocabulary.  This is a program where many subjects/topics are taught as reinforcement like math, measuring, estimating, history, cultures, character traits, talents, sharing, and so so much more!

Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) for 6th graders

Meadow Park sixth grade students spend four days at the Catalina Island Marine Institute located on Catalina Island. Outdoor science school offers students an outdoor classroom experience by providing an understanding of the natural world through hands-on experiences with nature. The curriculum is designed around the statewide science standards. Students are guided through their experience by trained outdoor education staff members where direct experience and observation provide unique learning opportunities. Students get to experience a boat ride to Twin Harbors, then hike to their campground in Cherry Cove. They spend 4 days at CIMI and sleep outdoors in tents. They are one with nature.


Sponsored by the Irvine Police Department, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a program presented to sixth grade students and is aimed at preventing the use of controlled substances, membership in gangs, and violent behavior. The subject matter in the program is taught by sworn police officers during regular school hours in a lecture presentation format using PowerPoint, videos, and demonstrations.

The curriculum provides the students with the specific tools and techniques to resist peer pressure and individual involvement in:

  • Gangs

  • Criminal activity

  • Drug abuse

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Internet safety

Early Intervention Reading Model (EIRM)

Kindergarten and first grade students having difficulty meeting grade level standards in reading are provided an opportunity to participate in our Early Intervention Reading Model program. EIRM provides students with an extra 30 minutes of small group systematic instruction in phonemic awareness, connection to print, pattern recognition, and phonics.

Elementary Resource Counseling

Many children struggle from time to time with a range of family and life circumstances (divorce, loss, moves, stress) that make school more difficult. Thus, our school developmental counseling program, provided by our certified Elementary Resource Counselor, is able to provide opportunities for students to participate in individual and small group counseling experiences that provide support and skill-building for coping with family stressors, academic struggles, and personal issues.

Elementary Science Specialist Program


All fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at Meadow Park receive 120 minutes of hands-on science instruction each week. An additional 60 minutes of science instruction is provided by each child's classroom teacher. This program is unique among Orange County school districts.

This comprehensive science program includes a balanced curriculum including Earth, Life, and Physical Science as well as Investigation and Experimentation skills. Additionally, all students receive instruction and practice in the Scientific Method and students are required to complete a Science Fair project.

Gifted and Talented Education

The GATE Program is available to identified students grades 4-6 with exceptional learning abilities. The program consists of small clusters of identified students within the general education classrooms with a teacher who has been trained in meeting the needs of the gifted student. Appropriately differentiated instruction including depth, complexity, acceleration, and novelty is taught within the core curriculum. You may obtain further information by calling the district office at 949-936-5000, or by visiting the Gifted and Talented Education page of the IUSD website at

Guidance Resource Services

Meadow Park receives the services of a counseling assistant who works with small groups in the areas of classroom behavior, self-concept and social skills. In addition, the assistant focuses on managing reactions to major changes in home or at school. It is very common for some young children to have trouble with adjusting to the classroom, getting along with others, managing their feelings, dealing with changes in their families, paying attention, regulating their behavior, and developing the social and emotional skills they need for school and life success. The Meadow Park Guidance Assistant Program is designed to offer support to these students during their school day so that they can increase their learning-readiness and move ahead successfully in school.

Sometimes, social skills lessons are offered to the whole classroom as well, in a series of 8-10, 30 minute “workshops”. These small group or classroom lessons may cover:

  • Learning about Empathy

  • Anger Management Skills

  • Impulse Control Skills

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Decision Making Skills

  • Learning-to-Learn Skills (attention, focus, listening)

  • Getting Along With Others

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Dealing with Changes

Health Services

Our district nurse (on site four days per week) provides students with vision and hearing screening (grades K, 2, 5) and assists students who have physical impairment and health related problems. Information and guidance is provided to staff, parents, and students when medical conditions affect academic and social growth. The district provides a health assistant five days per week.

Language Development Program

Our staff recommends that children learning English as a second language enroll in the IUSD Newcomer Program. Students are much more successful in English acquisition through this specialized district program. After students reach an intermediate level, they will return to their neighborhood school. Students who have been identified as English Learners receive additional support to assist them in reading, writing, listening, and speaking standards.

Lunch Time Activities

Provided by our PTA in cooperation with the City of Irvine Parks & Recreation Department, Lunch Time Activities (LTA) offers structured games and activities for students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade two days a week during lunch time. The program is led by staff from the City of Irvine’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Music Program

Supported by the Irvine Public School Foundation (IPSF), kindergarten through third grade students are provided a centralized music curriculum taught by credentialed music specialists. This program provides students with a solid foundation in musical concepts in a fun, supportive environment.

Vocal and instrumental music are a district-provided program for students in fourth through sixth grades. Upper grade music instruction is given in a "block music" system. Unlike the more common "pull-out" system, students do not miss regular classroom instruction to participate in the music program. At Meadow Park, all students receive music education and music is considered as important as all other curricular activities. Students receive two forty-minute lessons a week.

In fourth grade, each student has the option of either participating in the vocal music program or learning to play a string instrument (violin, viola, or cello). Fifth grade students may participate in either the vocal music program, continue to play a string instrument if they played one the previous year, or begin a wind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or baritone). Sixth grade students are given the opportunity to participate in the vocal music program or continue with a more intensive study on their chosen instrument.

The music curriculum is based on the Irvine Unified School district's Music Scope and Sequence, as well as the California State Framework. The elementary music program and staff are highly regarded throughout the County, and are used as a benchmark of quality for other school Districts. Each respective school provides a culminating concert at the end of the year.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)


Meadow Park R.O.P.E.S. is a school-wide commitment to positive behavior support. Identifying, teaching, and reinforcing the expected behaviors allow students to achieve academic, behavioral, and social success. Meadow Park R.O.P.E.S. stems from the University of Oregon’s Center of Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (P.B.I.S.) program. Two years ago, Meadow Park adopted the P.B.I.S. philosophy and our first step was outlining our school-wide expected behaviors. We chose the acronym R.O.P.E.S., which stands for Responsible, On Time and Ready, Positive Attitude, Expect Respect, and Safety First. Please click here to see our school-wide matrix to learn more about Meadow Park’s expected behaviors.


R.O.P.E.S. Coupons

Students receive Meadow Park R.O.P.E.S. positive reinforcement coupons for displaying the school-wide and classroom specific expected behaviors. By turning in these coupons, students become eligible to win fun prizes from our R.O.P.E.S. cart! Students can earn these coupons from administrators, teachers, guest teachers/substitutes, support staff, and noon duty supervisors. Periodically, various Meadow Park staff members visit classrooms and Meadow Park R.O.P.E.S. coupons are randomly chosen from the classroom buckets. These students are rewarded with a variety of prizes. Once a month at Flag Deck, there is a special drawing where students are selected for prizes such as “Wii with the Principal”, “Extra Recess”, and a “Homework Pass”.


P.B.I.S. Basics

Utilizing the “Systematic Change Model”, attention is focused on creating and sustaining primary (school-wide), secondary (classroom), and tertiary (individual) systems of support that improve lifestyle results for all children. This makes problem behavior less effective and desired behavior more functional. It is research-based, and it works!

Key Components

  • Clearly defined school-wide expected behaviors
  • Expected behaviors are intentionally taught in all school settings
  • Purposeful reinforcement for demonstrating positive school-wide expected behaviors
  • Consistent consequences and opportunities for re-teaching positive expected behaviors
  • Use of data to make decisions about school-wide practices
  • Comprehensive staff and student involvement



  • Improve the academic culture through increased instructional time
  • Improve the behavioral culture through a decrease in office discipline referrals
  • Improve school safety and positive peer interactions

Psychological Services

School psychologist provides assistance for the behavioral, social/emotional, and cognitive needs of students. Assessment of student’s for Special Education, counseling/guidance for students and parents, and consultation to staff are available.

Rainbow Rising, After School Care\

The Rainbow Rising Child Care Program at Meadow Park provides affordable, quality childcare and day camps in a warm, encouraging environment. The program operates daily, Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For further information, please call 949-651-0678.

Resource Specialist Program

This program is designed to assist children who demonstrate significant deficits in academic skills. A student can qualify for this program by demonstrating a specific learning disability or a significant discrepancy between ability and academic achievement. After a student is identified as qualifying for this program, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is designed to assist the student to make reasonable academic gains utilizing his/her strengths and remediation of weaknesses. This program is designed and implemented by the resource specialist in classrooms and in a one-on-one or small-group learning situation.

School Climate

At Meadow Park we know that a positive school climate is critically related to school success. Research clearly shows that a positive school climate can improve attendance, achievement, and create a learning environment that inspires the students to do their best.  In our latest school survey, it was noted that one our strengths is Meadow Park’s sense of community and that students feel safe as indicated not just by the students but also by the parents and staff.

Although our PBIS / ROPES plays an important part in that we also value the contributions of our team of parents who volunteer regularly, our PTA and the Meadow Park Foundation, family nights that are free or at a minimal cost, and our weekly Flag Deck.

Most recently, we have brought back our Student Government where every student in grades 5 and 6 have an opportunity to be a part of.  Whether they are coordinating Fun Fridays or assisting with a Food Drive for the entire school, the student energy they creates will even impact our youngest students.  Our goal is that every student, parent, or staff member that walks on the Meadow Park campus not only feels comfortable but also knows that they are in an environment that they are cared for and will succeed.

School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is a school based decision making organization whose central focus is supporting the best decisions for students. The SSC focus is on three goals: Language Arts, mathematics and school climate. Our SSC provides a means to improve communication and collaboration between the school and our community. The SSC is composed of members of our school community, with half of the group representing the professional school staff and half representing the parents of Meadow Park. All School Site Council meetings are open to the public and all members of our community may attend. At every meeting, an opportunity to speak to a topic not on the agenda is offered to anyone who is interested in addressing the School Site Council. The major responsibilities of this advisory forum include the following:

  • Developing the Coordinated Summary of the School Improvement Plan

  • Monitoring and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the school program

  • Participating in program quality reviews to affirm program strengths and identify areas for growth and improvement at Meadow Park.

Specialized Academic Instruction

This program is designed to assist children who demonstrate significant deficits in academic skills. A student can qualify for the program by demonstrating a specific learning disability or a significant discrepancy between ability and academic performance. After a student has been identified as qualifying for the program, an Individualized Education Plan supported by the program and the classroom teacher is designed to assist the students in making reasonable academic and social gains utilizing his/her strengths and remediating weaknesses.

IUSD provides students with a minimal or total support system (academic, behavioral, personal, vocational, transition) through which he/she can acquire knowledge and those skills necessary to function in the regular classroom and ultimately in society.

Speech and Language Program

This program is designed to diagnose and provide therapy for students who demonstrate difficulty in speech, language development, and language-based skills. Students who qualify for this program have an Individualized Educational Plan designed for them and receive individual or small group assistance as appropriate.

Student Council

Elementary school is one of the important first steps in a lifelong journey of learning. For some of our Meadow Park students, they want to learn about leadership positions and helping promote a positive school climate. The Meadow Park Student Council presents a unique opportunity for young students to learn organization, leadership and teamwork skills. For some student, they will seek leadership positions while others prefer working with a team of fellow students. Our goals for the Meadow Park Student Council are to:

  • Help solve school problems to make the school a better place to learn.

  • Work on school/district-wide projects that help the community.

  • Work on fun activities which promote school spirit for the whole school.


At Meadow Park, we recognize the use of technology will be an integral part of our students’ lives as we prepare students for the future.  Our classrooms must have the equipment, technology, and technical support to allow teachers to use technology in their everyday lessons.  As we integrate technology, we will support the teaching and learning that promotes intellectual growth and lifelong learning for students and staff.

Our goal at Meadow Park is to provide equitable access for all students and staff to technological resources. These resources promote the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that are required for students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a technologically complex, multicultural, and global environment.  To date, all students in grades 1-6 have a Chromebook cart in their classroom for a 1/1 ratio.  In addition, the kindergarten classrooms have access to an iPad cart and a kindergarten / first grade computer laboratory.  With the help of District Funds, IPSF grants, the Meadow Park Foundation, and our PTA we have provided a learning environment that has been greatly enhanced because of technology.  Additionally, we now have two fully functional innovation laboratory spaces for students in grades 1-3 and 4-6.