School Climate

At Meadow Park we know that a positive school climate is critically related to school success. Research clearly shows that a positive school climate can improve attendance, achievement, and create a learning environment that inspires the students to do their best.  In our latest school survey, it was noted that one our strengths is Meadow Park’s sense of community and that students feel safe as indicated not just by the students but also by the parents and staff.

Although our PBIS / ROPES plays an important part in that we also value the contributions of our team of parents who volunteer regularly, our PTA and the Meadow Park Foundation, family nights that are free or at a minimal cost, and our weekly Flag Deck.

Most recently, we have brought back our Student Government where every student in grades 5 and 6 have an opportunity to be a part of.  Whether they are coordinating Fun Fridays or assisting with a Food Drive for the entire school, the student energy they creates will even impact our youngest students.  Our goal is that every student, parent, or staff member that walks on the Meadow Park campus not only feels comfortable but also knows that they are in an environment that they are cared for and will succeed.