Dress Code

With more and more students coming to school with cell phones, it is imperative that you are aware of the following:


  • The school cannot assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to a cell phone.

  • Cell phones must be turned completely off (not on silent or vibrate mode) during the school day.

  • Cell phones must be kept in the student’s backpack at all times during the school day.

  • Students may not talk on their cell phones or listen to messages at any time during the school day.

  • Cell phones confiscated for failure to adhere to these rules will be turned in to the principal and will be returned to the student’s parents only.


Students are not allowed to use the front office phone for non-urgent matters. In order to minimize classroom interruptions, we also do not deliver non-emergency phone messages from the office to individual classrooms. We ask that you take care of all after-school arrangements with your child before he/she leaves for school. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.